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NC Aquaculture Development Conference

I sat down to post this and can’t help but cringe at the irony.  I made the last post on the 8th and selected the image of an arm in a sling to illustrate employee insurance… and the following morning in the predawn darkness, I was heading out for an early flight to New Bern, NC when I slipped on a patch of ice and broke my elbow, so now I am wearing an identical sling.

I did manage to call in and give my talk remotely the next day. There was a lot of important information to convey and the 90 growers in attendance appreciated updates on our political efforts, the EU trade issue, the Shellfish Aquaculture Improvement Act HR-5061, and recent legal developments that could impact hatcheries.

I also talked about how recent increases in production and participation by new oyster growers is exacerbating typical fall market weakness.  While meat condition in the fall are in their prime, markets soften due to a swoon in demand and and a flood of product.  New growers need to realize that markets will strengthen in the spring – and come Valentines Day and Lent growers should find eager markets.

Many of our members have been sanguine about markets for years, selling everything they can grow at good prices.  I caution that we need to continue to invest in building markets and keeping quality high if we want to maintain our current growth.

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