The ECSGA ListServ

If you’re not taking advantage of the ECSGA Listserv email list you’re missing out on a great service offered by our association.  If you have a question, the odds are good that someone out there has an answer.  Many members have found "the List" to be a tremendously helpful tool to solve problems or find solutions from others who have already learned their lessons the hard way.

Although access to the List is generally restricted to association members and regulators, special consideration will be given on a case-by-case basis if you don't easily fit into one of those categories.

For many years we maintained a Listserv hosted by the University of Rhode Island, then briefly moved to Google Groups when URI dropped that service. In 2022 the University of Connecticut began hosting an ECSGA Listserv, called ECSGA-L.

ECSGA-L Fast Facts

  • To subscribe you must be a dues-paying association member or regulator, but some exceptions can be made.
  • This is a moderated list so posts will be vetted to make sure they are shellfish–relevant (no jokes, holiday greetings, attaboys, etc.), are civil and don't disparage others.
  • We welcome posts about interesting articles or announcements, members offering seed for sale and questions about growing.
  • Frequency of posts averages around 10 a week, but if that’s too much mail in your inbox you can change your preferences to weekly or daily digests instead of receiving each post as it comes in.
  • To post to the entire list send an email to: ECSGA-L@LISTSERV.UCONN.EDU
  • To unsubscribe from the list send a blank email to: ECSGA-L-signoff-request@LISTSERV.UCONN.EDU
  • To buy or sell used gear, buy or sell seed, look for employment or post a position, use the ECSGA Swapmeet Google Group instead of ECSGA-L.