Grower Training

Online Farmhand Training Videos

These video training modules can be viewed "a la carte" in any order, or as part of a certificate program, which requires viewing them in order and taking a test before proceeding to the next video in the course.

Getting Started in Forida

Everything you need to know about growing shellfish in Florida. From acquiring a lease, to risk calculations, to planting, to harvest.

Getting Started in Maine

The Essential Start Guide to Maine Aquaculture outlines the rich opportunities and the overlooked realities of starting an aquaculture business in the state of Maine.

How to Install a Soft-Shell Clam Farm

This comprehensive guide by John M. Hagan and Ethel Wilkerson of Manomet lays it all out.

Workshop Videos

University of Florida Oyster Culture Workshop Series

Disinfecting Used Shellfish Gear

When buying used shellfish production equipment, be sure to thoroughly disinfect it before you put in the water. This reduces the risk of introducing disease or invasive species.


Helpful websites listing aquaculture jobs

Rookie Mistakes

Learn the easy way from those who found out the hard way