How to Shuck an Oyster

Bob Rheault Shucking Demo

In this short video (3:14) learn the proper technique to safely shuck oysters.

Shucking Blindfolded

Bob Rheault shucks an oyster blindfolded to show just how easy it is. Don't try this at home!

How to Shuck with Julie Qiu

Julie Qiu has a lot of info on her site In A Half Shell and demonstrates how to safely shuck in this video.

Martha's Vineyard Oyster Farmers Show You How to Shuck

Here's a video that the Martha’s Vineyard Oyster Fest and Farm.Field.Sea. created. The goal was to teach and encourage folks to learn to shuck after the free oyster giveaway of May 16, 2020. It stars Greg Martino of Cottage City Oysters, Ryan Smith of Signature Oysters, and Jeremy Scheffer of Spearpoint Oysters.