USDA Webinar Dec. 11: Aquaculture is Agriculture

Register for the Dec. 11 Webinar Aquaculture is Agriculture: USDA’s Role in supporting Farmers of Fish, Shellfish and Aquatic Plants here. Advance registration is required.

9:00 am           Welcoming and Opening Remarks

9:30 am           Aquaculture Aligns with the Ag Innovation Agenda and the Science Blueprint
Peggy Biga, OCS                    

9:50 am           USDA’s Role in Updating the National Aquaculture Development Plan
Jeffrey Silverstein, ARS

10:10 am         Aquaculture Intersects with Agriculture
Dan Northrup, Benson Hill

10:30 am         Economic Development through Aquaculture
Andrew Jermolowicz, RD

 10:50 am         What US Aquaculture Needs from USDA: Aquatic Plants
Stephanie Showalter-Otts, University of Mississippi School of Law

 11:10 am         What US Aquaculture Needs from USDA: Finfish
Jim Parsons, Cooke USA

 11:30 am         What US Aquaculture Needs from USDA: Shellfish
Bill Dewey, Taylor Shellfish

 11:50 am         Breakout Session Reports
Caird Rexroad, ARS

 12:00 pm         Aquaculture Production Research
Amrit Bart and Christopher Green, NIFA

 12:10 pm         Aquatic Health
Kathleen Hartman, APHIS

12:20 pm         Environmental Management
Gene Kim and Jan Surface, NRCS

12:30 pm         Production Innovation and Technology
Tim Sullivan, and Christopher Green, NIFA

12:40 pm         Product and Consumer Marketing
Carl Schroeder, AMS                   

12:50 pm         Supporting Aquaculture
Andrew Jermolowicz, RD, Christopher Vasquez, FSA and Alex Sereno, RMA                     

1:00 pm           Closing
Caird Rexroad, ARS and Peggy Biga, OCS