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Trey McMillan

Trey McMillan

South Carolina Representative

Trey McMillan is the owner and president of Lowcountry Oyster Company and serves as the vice president of the South Carolina Shellfish Growers Association. Trey was born and raised on a working waterfront in Charleston, S.C., where he grew up fishing, shrimping and crabbing.

His oyster farm is located about 34 miles south of Charleston in the ACE Basin National Wildlife Refuge, and uses a sustainable, floating-cage system to raise Lowcountry Cups from 4-mm seed to 3-inch single selects.

Before getting into the oyster industry, Trey spent more than 15 years carving out a successful career as a professional sport-fishing captain. During that time his fishing exploits took him up and down the East Coast and throughout Central America and the Caribbean, where he brought his signature fishing style (and beard) to billfish tournaments at every stop. Despite all the travel, Trey has always managed to keep one eye on his hometown of Charleston.