Adrianne Johnson

Florida Representative

Adrianne Johnson was raised by an Environmental Scientist and a Crew Mom. She is the grand-daughter of a sailor and has always harbored a love for the ocean. In 2018, her family started Gulf Springs Sea Farm in Spring Creek, Florida. Since then, they've learned the highs and the lows of oyster farming and the strength, determination and humility it takes to work in partnership with nature.
Adrianne currently serves as the Vice President of Development for a DC-based nonprofit called Faith in Public Life. Based out of Tallahassee, Florida, she raises funding to support paid family leave and advocates for policies that improve the quality of life for working families across the country. Adrianne joins the ECSGA board with a background in fundraising and legislative advocacy. Her hope is to bring the unique experience of Florida farmers to the ECSGA Board and to advocate for policies that ensure all our growers thrive.
Growing up, her mom's mantra was, "the world is your oyster." Life is what we make it. Adrianne believes in it so much she got it tattooed on her arm. And now it's even more appropriate that her family works in the oyster business.