Heather Ketcham

Equipment Dealer

Heather Ketcham is the owner of Ketcham Supply in New Bedford, Mass. She was raised on the south shore of Massachusetts among the fisherman native to that historic area. In 1975 her father Bob founded Ketcham Traps, providing wire-mesh lobster traps.  The wire trap-design became the de facto standard, and the company's commercial marine capabilities were expanded from that point forward.

Meanwhile, Heather earned a Business Management degree from the University of Massachusets, Dartmouth, and pursued graduate studies at Babson College and the University of California, Berkeley.  She worked in the biotech and life sciences industries for over 20 years, rising to the level of vice president of corporate operations.

After a lifetime of heated fisheries talk at the dinner table, Heather decided to purchase the company in 2016 when her father retired. Ketcham Supply supports the aquaculture market by providing quality gear and by continuing to develop innovative products.  Heather and the team in New Bedford are passionate about the future of sustainable aquafarming, and are excited about the industry’s commercial potential and environmental benefits.