Jamie Heaney

New Hampshire Representative

Jamie spent most of his life working as a commercial fisherman. He put college on hold and spent his summers in Alaska, processing salmon roe. Jamie ended up never looking back after those years on the dock.

He then spent 16 years working for a family out of Rye Harbor, N.H., as a summer gillnetter. In the winter, he would work on any dragger or netter that needed a hand.

Most recently Jamie spent five more years working for a lobsterman out of York Harbor, Me., but the decline of the fisheries had left him moving from one industry to the next, and no closer to owning a boat of his own.

In 2017 Jamie and his wife purchased Dover Point Oyster from good friends who had started the farm four years before. Working closer to shore and moving into aquaculture is a new direction for them, but it looks promising and they are hoping for the best.

When Jamie is not on the farm out on the water, his wife Hannah keeps him busy with the gardens, horses and chickens, dogs and cats, and any stray rabbits or ducks that come their way.