Mark Casey

Delaware Representative

Mark Casey is the president of Delaware Cultured Seafood, selling oysters for consumption under the "Delaware Salts," "Blue Hen Oysters" and "Bethany Big Boys" brands. The company also operates Delaware's only oyster nursery. Mark has a strong interest and involvement in environmental improvement efforts and has been an active member of Delaware Inland Bays Oyster Gardener program since 2010. He currently serves as the president of the Delaware Aquaculture Association.
Mark was raised in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, and worked as an electrician and supervisor for Penn Central and Amtrak, as well as a maintenance and reliability director for Dupont and Chemours.
He has been married to Lori Casey since 1977 and has two children. Mark enjoys hunting, fishing and scuba diving.
Delaware Cultured Seafood is the U.S. distributor for BST cages.