Published Articles

Listed below are links to pdf versions of articles on shellfish aquaculture that have appeared in various publications.

An exhaustive review article published in the February 2009 edition of Aquaculture entitled, "The ecological role of bivalve shellfish aquaculture in the estuarine environment: A review with application to oyster and clam culture in West Coast (USA) estuaries," by Brett R. Dumbauld, Jennifer L. Ruesink, and Steven S. Rumrill.

An April 2004 Chef's Collaborative communique by Carol Trauner entitled, "Shellfish: the Positive Face of Aquaculture."

An editorial by Robert B. Rheault, Ph.D that appeared in the April 9, 2004 edition of the Providence (RI) Journal entitled, "Clean Narragansett Bay With Shellfish; A Cost-Effective Approach."

A guest editorial originally published in World Aquaculture in December 2003 entitled, "Shellfish aquaculture - In praise of sustainable economies and environments," by Sandra E. Shumway, Chris Davis, Robin Downey, et al.

A 2002 article published in Limnology and Oceanography entitled, "Influence of simulated bivalve biodeposition and microphytobenthos on sediment nitrogen dynamics: A laboratory study," by Roger I. E. Newell, Jeffrey C. Cornwell, and Michael S. Owens.