Shellfish Recipes

Laurie Higgins has some delectable seafood recipes on her blog, including Thai Inspired Mussels, Stuffed Clams, and The Best Oysters Rockefeller You'll Ever Eat.

The Washington Post ran a story profiling Virginia oyster farmer Bruce Wood in its Lifestyle section on October 25, 2011. At the end of that article were some oyster recipes you won't want to overlook:

Chowdered Roasted Oysters
Roasted Cressed Oysters With Lemon Grass and Ginger
Kimchi Vegetable Soup With Oysters
Oyster Beignets With Smoked Oyster Sauce

Celebrity chefs from around the country gathered in beautiful Savannah, Georgia on March 23, 2009 to prepare their favorite dishes showcasing regional clam varieties at our second annual tasting event, Romancing the Clam. Now you can order the DVD, including video of the chefs in action and an illustrated recipe booklet.

Or, download a pdf file of their clam recipes including:

Clams Oconee with Vidalia Onions and Bacon
Low Country Linguine
Little Neck Soup
Portuguese Clam Stew with Chorizo and Kale
Southwest Clams with Tasso and Rouille
Northern Neck Clams
Manila Clams Sauteed Asian Style
Vietnamese Style Geoduck Salad
Florida Clams with Andouille Sausage and Plum Tomatoes
Florida Sunray Venus Clams with Fresh Citrus and Cilantro
Holiday Harbor Clams

Other recipes we like:

Tequila Lime Mignonette Sauce for oysters and mussels by Chef John Ash from "Monterey Bay Aquarium Cooking for Solutions 2002 Recipes."

Cuban Mojo Sauce chipotle peppers and freshly ground cumin seeds give this lime-based sauce a decidedly Cuban kick.

Roasted Oysters with Shallots & Herbs from "High Heat Grilling and Roasting Year-Round with Master Chef Waldy Malouf" by Waldy Malouf and Melissa Clark.

Oyster and Herb Stuffing for Poultry adapted from "Oysters - A Culinary Celebration" by Joan Reardon and Ruth Ebling.

Oysters with Raspberry Mignonette Granité from by Roy Finamore. Garnishing raw oysters with a sharp mignonette sauce frozen into icy shards makes for no-muss, no-fuss serving.

Clams Casino.

Gourmet magazine's Oyster Po' Boy, the iconic New Orleans sandwich featuring fried oysters inside a supercrisp cornmeal shell.

Oysters Bienville

Linguini with Clam Sauce

Oysters Rockefeller

Rob Garrison's Upper Class Oysters and Gef Flimlin's Dirty Oysters -two very similar recipes that pair oysters with caviar.