ECSGA List Serve

The ECSGA LIST is an online email discussion group open to anyone interested in shellfish growing. We welcome posts on subjects relating to shellfish culture, epicurean discoveries, sales of used shellfish gear, nutritional info, market info, etc.

Please keep unrelated materials to yourself, we don't want to hear about virus scares, Amber alerts, chain letters or personal attacks.

To join the list click on this link:

You should receive a confirmation e-mail in a few minutes. You must reply to that message as described in the message (usually clicking a link) or your subscription will be cancelled.

To send an email message to the entire list, send it to ECSGA@LISTSERV.URI.EDU.


ECSGA Swap Meet

If you are interested in buying or selling gear or seed, or if you are looking for a job or trying to fill a position, please use the ECSGA Swapmeet instead of the ListServ.

To sign up for Swap Meet, visit