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April 19, 2005           



On Friday the CDC came out with a report that described decreases in food-borne illness but also highlighted that Vibrio -related food-borne illness associated with shellfish increased  47% in the past five years

The mainstream press has not really picked this up yet, and most of the articles that have are leading with the positive news that illnesses are declining, (see April 17, 2005 USA Today)

We do not want to be complacent. We fully expect the Center of Science and the Public Interest to launch a press campaign attacking oysters and calling for mandatory post harvest treatment as they have every other year just in advance of the ISSC meetings (in August).

Just so you are armed with the facts in case the press or customers come calling the ECSGA with our friends in the PCSGA and GOIC with help from the NFI has developed a fact sheet on Vibrio bacteria. We are following this very carefully.

I encourage you to make copies and send them to all of your customers so that everyone will be prepared.  Please also encourage recipients to visit our website and support the ECSGA.

Bob Rheault
President ECSGA