ECSGA: What We Do For You

☐ Blocked Environmental Protection Agency's attempt to relax rules on sewage discharge;

☐ Blocked attempt to list the Eastern oyster as an endangered species;

☐ Provided comment on proposed organic standards for farmed shellfish, requesting a rational standard;

☐ Collaborate with Seafood Solutions, Chefs Collaborative and other sustainable seafood groups to ensure farmed shellfish is rated highly;

☐ Collaborate with World Wildlife Fund to establish sustainability standards that are effective and practical;

☐ Started the East Coast Shellfish Research Institute:

Naming one board member from each state;
Procuring $730,000 in earmarks for shellfish research in 2008;
Studying Vibrio parahaemolyticus, heavy metals, impacts of mechanical harvest;
Distributing questionnaire to identify industry research priorities; and
Procuring $244,000 in directed research grants in 2009.

☐ Guide the Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Council towards regulations that protect public health without unduly impacting growers:

Provide comment Vibrio plans and Country of Origin Labeling (COOL);
Opposed Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) attempts to eliminate the consumption of raw shellfish; and
Trying to establish an effective mechanism for FDA press releases that protects the public without causing undue panic.

☐ Working with growers, Northeast Regional Aquaculture Center and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to establish Better Management Plans;

☐ Working with other groups such as: National Fisheries Institute, National Aquaculture Association, Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association, Gulf Oyster Industry Council;

☐ Organizing annual trips to Washington, DC to bring legislators up to speed - met with 39 lawmakers from 14 states, as well as NOAA and US Department of Agriculture (USDA) officials;

☐ Involved in Army Corps Nationwide Permit Application negotiations;

☐ Lobbied for research dollars to NOAA, National Marine Aquaculture Initiative and USDA;

☐ Advocated for Offshore Aquaculture Act (ECSGA supports the research component and opportunities for mussel culture);

☐ Participated in fundraisers for key legislators (Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), John Larson (D-CT), Rob Wittman (R-VA);

☐ Organized marketing events (Milford Oyster Festival, Warwick Oyster Tasting, Romancing the Clam);

☐ Update communications through our web site, newsletters and LISTSERV; and

☐ Finding funds to develop a Shellfish Breeding and Genetics Center.