Gef Flimlin

Gef Flimlin has been a Marine Extension Agent/Associate Professor for 30 years, working with the commercial fishing and aquaculture industries in New Jersey. He has been involved in numerous grants that address either production issues in aquaculture, or processing and marketing of these products.

He initiated the first focused education program, sponsored by the New Jersey Department of Labor, for commercial fishermen to learn the basics of aquaculture, and was the initiator of the formation of the New Jersey Aquaculture Association and the East Coast Shellfish Growers Association. He has published numerous factsheets and bulletins related to aquaculture, mainly for shellfish culture and ornamental aquatic plants, and has organized and moderated more than 10 special sessions for annual meetings of the National Shellfisheries Association, the World Aquaculture Society, and the International Conference on Shellfish Restoration.

Flimlin also served on the Executive Committee of the National Shellfisheries Association. He maintains an annual listing of East Coast Shellfish Nurseries and Hatcheries and has taught over 80 class sessions on aquaculture topics. Present research includes work on High Hydrostatic Pressure processing of hard clams.

In 2003 he initiated the Barnegat Bay Shellfish Restoration Program, which has trained over 200 volunteers and grown several million clam seed and hundreds of thousands of oyster seed. This program has been followed in numerous media outlets, educated thousands, spawned a public art and science education program, and won several awards. It uses shellfish to teach citizens to change their behaviors in the watersheds so as not to impact the coastal bays.

With a BS degree in Biology from St Peter's College in Jersey City, NJ and a MS degree from the CW Post Center of Long Island University, Flimlin is currently employed by Rutgers Cooperative Extension (RCE) and also serves as the County Extension Department Head for the RCE office in Ocean County, NJ.